Our fleet consists of a variety of units to serve the functions needed on emergency scenes. Below is a roster;

  • Command 105 
  • Rescue 107
  • Rescue 101
  • Engine 109
  • Engine 402
  • Livestock Emergncy Response Trailer



Our members respond to any type of emergency at all times of the day and night year round. When you see our units leaving the Fire Station, or on the roadway, they are en route to any specified emergency scene. Our members constantly sacrifice time away from family, work, weekends, family functions, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and almost every other type of event you can think of to go help people in need. They do this for the care of the people that live and travel through this great community.



Training is a huge part of what we do in the Fire / Rescue Service. Our firefighters average around 4000+ hours in a calendar year spread over 20-24 volunteer members. 

Online courses, weekly training nights, sponsored courses and client hosted courses at other fire departments have given our members all the tools needed to be better prepared for the job.

We strive to achieve government certification in the NFPA 1001 level 1 & level 2, along with  NFPA 472 awareness and operations for all members.

Medical first response training is also mandatory for all members with a number of members achieving EMR / EMT / PCP level training.

Nobleford emergency Vehicles



C105 is primarily set as a command truck for a quick response, and being part of the incident command structure on emergency scenes. C105 also aides in member transport when there are courses offered in other communities. This unit is annually funded by the Nobleford Firefighter Society, and was donated by the Nobleford Ag-Society.



R107 is set as our main heavy rescue response unit. It responds to a majority of our calls and is also part of our Incident Command Structure. R107 holds our Vehicle Extrication tools, 6 SCBA's, Rope rescue, Ice Rescue, Thermal image Camera, Hazardous Materials, Medical / Trauma Response, and many other pieces of rescue equipment.



R101 is set up as a primary Traffic unit, as well as our hazardous materials backup response unit. R101 served as our main rescue since 1995 until R107 came in service in 2013. It is also equipped with extra SCBA tanks, and additional scene lighting.



E109 serves as our main line pump, and is supplied water through hydrants, drafting operations from a static water source, and any water available through mutual aid water tenders. E109 supplies our firefighters with 4 SCBA's, Hand Tools, Thermal Image Camera, Gas Monitors, Ventilation Fans, and many other tools needed for the job.



E402 is our Grassland unit which is setup with a high pressure pump system. It holds 2 SCBA's, multiple hand tools for fighting all types of grassland fires. E402 also aides in highway traffic control and deploys to structure fires, assisting in hot spot locating / exposure protection.



ERLT is set up to deal with incidents where the additional protection of our firefighters, and the livestock involved when a collision occurs hauling livestock, is needed. It has been deployed numerous times and has proved to be a beneficial asset to our responders. This unit was fully funded by the local 4H club in our community, and is 1 of 16 trailers set up to deal with livestock emergencies in Alberta